Pearl Harbor Survivor Retells History of the Attack

When you visit Pearl Harbor, you might meet a Pearl Harbor Survivor at the visitors center, where survivors volunteer their time almost everyday of the year.

Survivors enjoy sharing their stories with visitors, who show their respect in return for the courageous acts of the survivors.

However, there is also so much to see at Pearl Harbor—the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri Battleship, the Pacific Aviation Museum—you might not have enough time in one day to hear a survivor’s story in addition to seeing all of the major attractions at Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Survivors at the Visitor Center

Pearl Harbor Survivors at the Visitor Center

Listen to a survivor’s story

Pearl Harbor Survivor Michael “Mickey” Ganitch (USS Pennsylvania) shares his story with students at Hayward High School in California.

Ganitch recalls the events leading up to the attack, the event itself, and the key mistake the Japanese military made that helped America win the war.

“If the Japanese would’ve had that third attack, I’m not sure we would’ve won the war. When I think about that, we were very fortunate. That was one of the biggest mistakes Japan made that really saved us.”

Ganitch is a member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association Chapter 2, Alameda County.

Meet a survivor at Pearl Harbor

If you take a tour of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and meet survivors who volunteer their time at the visitor center, be sure to shake their hands and thank them for their brave contributions to the United States. These survivors are living testaments to the strength and courageousness in all of us that help us rise above challenges and succeed.

What would you ask a Pearl Harbor survivor if you had the chance?

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