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USS Arizona Memorial is one of the most remarkable sites in Pearl Harbor. When you are driving from downtown Honolulu, take the H-1 freeway west and take the exit 15A, marked Arizona Memorial Stadium. There are more than two dozen more aircraft on display at the museum, from helicopters like the Bell UH-1 Iroquois and […]

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese military launched a surprise attack on the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor. As it transpired at the time of the attack the Aircraft carriers were not at Pearl Harbor and thus escaped destruction. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan was supposed to be a […]

Visit the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites and see informative reenactments, authentic exhibits and guided tours that enable you to travel back in time to experience the chilling sights and sounds of the two-hour attack that wounded 1,282 Americans and killed 2,402. The Navy offered the Pacific Aviation museum $250,000 toward renovation of the control tower’s […]

Pearl Harbor has been declared a National Historic Landmark, the only US naval base to be declared so. Today Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is one of the major Oahu attractions. There are other attractions at Pearl Harbor including a museum that contains the plaques that contain the names of all military and civilians killed during […]

Today, the USS Arizona Memorial, operated by the National Park Service witness thousands of visitors per month year. The destruction of the USS Arizona battleship and the immense loss of life associated with her sinking came to symbolize the reason that U.S. was fighting in WWII in the months and years following the attack on […]

Pearl Harbor aviation museum displays famous warbirds of the Pacific. Before leaving Pearl Harbor, visit the hangars of the Pacific Aviation Museum for a unique look at the aviation history of the United States.  With 48 aircraft on display, including the instantly recognizable Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and its nemesis, the Mitsubishi Zero, the 1942 Stearman […]

What are people saying about Pearl Harbor Tours? I do not usually take a packaged tour, but liked the idea of being able to visit Pearl Harbor on my own and at the same time have someone not only drive me to and fro, but show me some sites along the way. I got all […]

Have you ever seen a sunrise over the Pacific? The Palm trees blowing in the breeze makes Hawaii an absolutely gorgeous place. There is so much to see, so much to do and the paradise awaits! But even with so many options spread across each of the islands, there are some attractions that should not […]

There is a famous saying that goes “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This sentence is enough to answer the often asked question that Pearl Harbor is the most important stop during your Hawaii tour. The only way to prevent the infamous acts that can lead to war is […]