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Should I bring my kids to Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor is a great pace to bring children. Not only are the museums and parks filled with interactive exhibits that are fun, but Pearl Harbor is also an amazing hands-on history lesson with tour guides bringing the action to life. A good tour guide can teach you more than a year of history classes.

Before you bring your children to Pearl Harbor, consider watching movies like Pearl Harbor, Battleship, or Tora, Tora, Tora. Documentaries are also a great way to introduce your kids to the subject before you bring them on the tour. If you give your children some background information like what is contained in these movies, it helps them understand better what took place here.

Children will want sunscreen and hats, as most of our attractions here at Pearl Harbor are outside. Since strollers are not allowed in some parts of Pearl Harbor, you may consider carrying babies and toddlers in body-worn slings.

Booking a tour with kids is preferably to visiting Pearl Harbor without a concrete plan. Kids of all ages will stay more engaged if the day moves smoothly along with as little waiting in line as possible, and a tour will help you make the most of your visit. Our guides will keep everyone interested and engaged.

The most popular tour for families is our Remember Pearl Harbor tour, which features both the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri. It is a shorter tour that gives you the ability to see both at the naval vessels at Pearl Harbor. Please note that kids under 4 years old are not allowed on the USS Bowfin submarine.

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