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Can I bring my camera to Pearl Harbor?

You may bring your camera with you to Pearl Harbor. The only place where photography is limited is while travelling on the Admiral Clarey Bridge to Ford Island. In addition to taking photos, you may also use a video camera to capture videos. Please understand that if you bring a larger-than-normal camera, the security team may feel obligated to inspect it. No commercial filming is allowed unless you obtain a permit, and security will question you about your intentions to film.

Since bags are not allowed at Pearl Harbor, it may be inconvenient to bring a large camera. If possible, you’ll want to be able to fit your camera in your pockets. This will limit your ability to bring extra gear, such as lenses, to Pearl Harbor.

Selfie sticks are still allowed, but have caused problems on occasions where people bump into each other because they aren’t watching where they are going. Selfie sticks may be prohibited in the future.

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