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Where can I purchase tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial?

With the purchase of any of our Pearl Harbor tours, you will be able to tour the USS Arizona. Authorized tour companies handle ticket sales separately from people who choose to wait in line for first-come, first-served tickets. When you reserve space on a tour, you will be able to plan other events into your day because you will have a reasonable idea of what time you will be able to visit the USS Arizona. You are able to reserve tickets in advance at recreation.gov, but you will not have access to a guide or transportation to the memorial.

If you do not reserve tickets in advance, you will have to wait in line for “walk-up” tickets. Walk-up tickets are limited daily, and lines can get quite long. In the busy season, it’s not uncommon for tickets to be sold out after waiting in line for several hours. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all tours are reserved in advance.

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