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Is it cheaper to book my own flight?

It is possible to pay less money booking your own flight to Oahu rather than reserving space in our inter-island tour packages. However, our tour packages include certain advantages that you may want to consider. We automatically adjust tour start times in cases where your flight is delayed or where traffic causes an issue. Although you have the option of taking care of your own transportation and meeting the tour at the airport or Waikiki, you will forfeit your non-refundable tour reservation if you miss your pickup. Missed flights, delayed flights, backed up traffic, or any other sort of delay is not the tour company’s responsibility.

On the other hand, booking an inter-island tour means that we will adjust your tour times in case of delays. You will not have to wait at the airport because we will already know what time your flight gets in. If you plan to spend the night in Honolulu or don’t require round trip transportation for some reason, we can still pick you up at the airport.

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