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What else will I have to pay for when I tour Pearl Harbor?

Our tours are designed to make things as easily as possible for you, and there are many things included in the price. But there are some things you will have to pay for yourself. Our tours do not include:

  • Food and Beverage- Depending on the tour, you may have a free lunch included. This is not the case in every tour, so check your individual tour descriptions for more information. Other food and beverage purchases will be your own responsibility.
  • Gratuity- Tour guides do accept tips and depend on them as a portion of their income. Please consider providing a small tip for their expert narration.
  • Souvenir Photos- No professional souvenir photos are included with any of our Pearl Harbor tours, although you will have a few opportunities to purchase one if you would like to.
  • Storage- We offer unsecured bag storage for $3 a bag, and no bags will be permitted at Pearl Harbor. If possible, we recommend not bringing any bags with you for your tour.
  • Admissions to sites not on your tour- Unless you purchase the tour package that allows you to visit every attraction at Pearl Harbor, you will have to pay for your own entrance to any attractions not a part of your tour.
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