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Why haven’t they taken the USS Arizona out of the water?

During the battle that took place at Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona took heavy damage before it sank. The ship itself could not be salvaged. It was determined that the wreck was not risky in terms of other ships navigating the harbor. Then, the hard decision of what to do about the remains of over a thousand sailors who perished in the attack.

The Navy determined that the most respectful thing to do was to declare the men buried at sea and the USS Arizona a cemetery. Some people have been concerned because of the oil leaking out of the vessel, but it was deemed less harmful to simply leave it than to remove it.

Deciding to leave the USS Arizona underwater was a difficult one, as was the same decision for the USS Utah. The USS Oklahoma had a slightly longer life than the other two. Although Oklahoma was also sunk in Pearl Harbor, she was raised and put in dry dock a few years later. Oklahoma was decommissioned in 1944 and was in the process of being moved to the mainland when she sank again. The exact remains of the vessel are unknown.

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