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Why should I reserve a tour ahead of time?

Tours occasionally sell out, particularly during busy times of the year. Hawaii is a popular tourist destination and the many attractions of Pearl Harbor can make for big crowds. Unfortunately, space is limited, especially to see the USS Arizona Memorial.

Cancelling a reservation is very simple, and refundable as long as you are not booking a tour that includes airfare. It is better to reserve a space and then cancel it if you change your mind than it is to decide to come and discover the trip is sold out. Although the inter-island tours are not refundable, they are the most difficult to reserve in a short period of time, so it’s also important to book these as early as you can.

Stay in contact with us if your plans change. If you must move your trip to another date or add guests, we can work with you. We want to help you have the best tour of Pearl Harbor as possible!

A common misconception is that if visitors wait to book their tour at the last minute, they will be able to get a better price. Rest assured there our rates are the same or lower than you will find elsewhere. Discount Pearl Harbor tours are often run by people who want to give timeshare presentations or who are unauthorized to give tours.

There are many wonderful things to see and do in Hawaii, but many visitors find themselves in a state of “paradise paralysis.” You have so many ideas of the things you’d like to do when you get here, but the beach calls to you and your vacation is over before you know it. Booking your activities ahead of time helps keep you on track with the things that you wanted to do on vacation, plus gives you more time to relax because you don’t have to spend time coordinating your tour.

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