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Japanese Forces traveled in the U.S. naval base of Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941 to launch a surprise attack. U.S. battleships were positioned there and they became the targets for the Japanese fleet. Airstrikes hit all the eight battleships and much more. These battleships had a crucial role inside the major naval battles such […]

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service did a naval assault on Pearl Harbor in which thousands of our brave men lost their lives. To honor those martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the attack, a national monument – The USS Arizona Memorial is built. The memorial stands on the buried and […]

People are thrilled by the access, the knowledge, and the professionalism that Pearl Harbor Tour guides bring to the tours and the convenience of coach-pickup and drop-off, and even inter-island tour options for those based on other islands. No other tour hits so much of the history and marvel of Pearl Harbor so thoroughly. After […]

Pearl Harbor continues to be a sensitive issue in the United States. People cannot forget the fact that the greatest nation on the planet was trapped unaware. The casualties including more than 2,000 soldiers killed and 1000 injured makes it a black day in the U.S. military history. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the then President of the […]

Pearl Harbor is the most popular & historic destination in Hawaii. Visit Pearl Harbor today to explore the famous memorials and exhibits. A guided tour of Pearl Harbor is important on your Hawaii tour. We offer tours seven days a week plus you will get roundtrip transportation from Waikiki hotels. We also provide transportation for […]

The Best Way to Visit Pearl Harbor is with Pearl Harbor Tours When it comes to Pearl Harbor there are no tours more complete or accommodating than the different options available from PearlHarboroahu.com. They have decades of experience making sure that each and every visitor has the best experience and comes away with the best memories […]

Every year about 1.6 million tourists visit Pearl Harbor’s unique collection of war memorials and museums, all clustered around a quiet bay where oysters were once farmed. We offer Pearl Harbor tours from all the four Hawaiian Islands. Early on December 7, 1941, citizens and service members alike in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, faced terror as […]

Our Pearl Harbor Tour provides visitors with an interactive way to learn about the history of World War II. It is definitely one tour that cannot be missed. The Pearl Harbor Tour provides visitors to Oahu the chance to visit the sight of this horrible event in US history and become a part of the experience […]