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On your Hawaii vacation, a guided tour of Pearl Harbor is essential. Tours are offered seven days a week and roundtrip transportation is provided from Waikiki hotels. We also offer transportation for tours that include airfare for guests staying on the Big Island, Maui, or Kauai. You will enjoy outstanding historical narration throughout the tour, learning history and culture from start to finish. Whether you want to visit the Pearl Harbor Museums, the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri Battleship, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, or take a combo tour of Pearl Harbor with other landmarks/regions on Oahu. As the official Pearl Harbor tour site, we aim to provide you with a complete Pearl Harbor tour experience.

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Transportation Options: How to Get Here
There are a number of ways to get to Pearl Harbor, but which options allow you to get the most out of your visit?

The City Bus, or TheBus, is the most cost-effective. Fares are $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for children under 17. While the cost is cheap the bus schedule can be inconsistent. TheBus makes many stops between Waikiki Hotels and Pearl Harbor, taking into consideration unexpected delays, heavy traffic, and other factors, the drive to Pearl Harbor can often be more than 2 hours.
Look around Waikiki. How many Taxis do you see? There is no doubt that you can hop into a cab and make it to Pearl Harbor much faster than TheBus. But a cab comes at an expensive ride, roughly $60 each way! Combine the price with the fact that the cab drivers do not offer any expertise or have the proper certification to enter Pearl Harbor, you are stuck with an expensive drive and miss out on many of the sites you are seeing along the way.
Many companies exist only for transportation. The cost is much less than a cab, but these transportation services are not permitted to enter Pearl Harbor. Instead, they drop off at an adjacent lot (located across a 6-lane highway) and leave, with only the instruction of when they will be back to return you, that is if you’ve arranged your return to your hotel. Since they are not allowed to enter Pearl Harbor and are not certified, the history and information they give, may not be accurate.

Tour Company
Honolulu, like most high-tourism cities, has a number of highly regarded, professional tour companies. The services and prices that they offer are often comparable, but its the level of service and quality that sets each apart. Pearl Harbor requires that any company providing tours on its grounds provide certain certifications. Additionally, tour guides of certified companies are deemed as experts of Pearl Harbor and give stirring narration and history of many events surrounding World War II, the attacks of December 7, 1941, the history of Hawaii, and the current state of Pearl Harbor.

Required Certifications:
1. Vehicle Insurance
2. CPR Certification, for each and every guide entering the center
3. First Aid Training
4. Tour Provider Certification
5. Passenger Transportation Permit

Upon approval by the National Park, these companies are then provided Commercial Use Authority, allowing for tours to Pearl Harbor including the Visitor Center and its museums.

**Please note, tour guides are not permitted to give tours on board the USS Arizona Memorial for the respect of victims. Pearl Harbor and the National Parks Service do have a Park Ranger stationed on board, who is expertly trained and available to share stories, facts, and answer questions.

Information to know before your Pearl Harbor Tour

You may bring strollers into the visitor’s center, but they are not allowed into the theater, on the navy boats, or on the memorial itself. Strollers may be stowed at the visitor center front desk prior to program tours.
Please keep in mind that there are no doctors or nurses on-site, but EMS is available and there is a nearby hospital. Pearl Harbor is fully accessible to those with disabilities; more information may be found below. Due to heightened security, items that offer concealment are not allowed into the park, however, if you have a medical need to contact the park ranger at the security checkpoint. Please let a park ranger know if you have any special needs.
Pearl Harbor is fully accessible to those with disabilities, and National Park Service Rangers will happily assist any guest with special needs. Reserved parking is available at the Visitor Center and is accessible by ramp. The Visitor Center restrooms, movie theater, exhibit area, bookstore, information desk, and drinking fountain are all fully wheelchair-accessible; the Navy Boats and USS Arizona Memorial are both wheelchair-accessible. Please note that wheelchairs are not available for rent on-site. When booking a tour, notify the booking agent of all special needs.
Male and female restroom facilities are available on-site. During busy times visitors may use the facilities in the parking lot or at the Bowfin Submarine Museum. Restrooms have diaper changing tables. There are no showers or locker rooms.
There is a non-profit bookstore available where you may purchase souvenirs. A limited-option snack bar is also available at the visitor’s center.


Pearl Harbor is still an active military installation, and as such there are strict security measures prohibiting purses, handbags, fanny packs, backpacks, camera bags, diaper bags, luggage and/or other items that offer concealment. If you should need to bring these items with you, a secure storage facility is available for use at the entrance to the USS Bowfin Submarine Park for a charge of $3 per item. The storage facility operates daily 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
There are no age restrictions and guests of all ages are invited to visit the museums and memorials of Pearl Harbor.
There is no dress code at Pearl Harbor, but visitors should keep in mind that this is a site where many lives were lost in service to the United States. Visitors should dress comfortably, as most of the day is spent standing and walking. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended. Sandals are permissible; however, wearing bathing suits or profane T-shirts is very much discouraged.
Military visitors should be aware that they will be within the boundary of Pearl Harbor Naval Station. Navy regulations relating to military dress are enforced by navy personnel. Battle dress uniform is not allowed on the USS Arizona Memorial, so visitors to this site should wear dress whites or better (or service equivalent) in order gain access to the shuttle boats to the USS Arizona Memorial. Battle dress uniform is allowed throughout the visitor center and at sites on Ford Island.t
Pets are not permitted at Pearl Harbor. If you have a special need for a service animal, they will be allowed.