A Solemn Tour of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service did a naval assault on Pearl Harbor in which thousands of our brave men lost their lives. To honor those martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the attack, a national monument – The USS Arizona Memorial is built. The memorial stands on the buried and corroded remnants of the battleship USS Arizona. In the Japanese air attack on Battleship Row, the ship’s munitions magazine pervaded blasts killing 1,177 Americans whose resting location is this memorial structure. No American warship has faced such a highest degree of casualties ever. Visit Pearl Harbor today and explore this historic memorial of the United States.

The Exterior Surroundings:

The park-like ambiance of the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center will impress you as you visit the memorial. The 23-minute film and audio tour that starts in the center brings that historic morning at Pearl Harbor to life. Such demonstrations in the center make the visitors experience the politics and instances that happened before the Japanese attack. Be ready to have an unforgettable all natural experience as the poignant presentations within the center take you to just into that moment. Book your Arizona memorial tour now!

A Majestic Expedition:

As soon as the visitors get the background education, a short and calm trip is launched by the Navy. The visitors are taken in the harbor for the waiting memorial. All the passengers disembark as they reach the monument. Be sure to glance at the Wall of Recognition that has the names of the martyrs who gave their lives on that fateful day at Arizona. The visitors are teary-eyed, whisper instead of speaking as their eyes gaze at the entombing waters.

The Greatest Sacrifice:

Had those one thousand plus soldiers and mariners not boarded the USS Arizona on that fateful day, one wonders what greatness they could have achieved, what existence might have kept in store for them, they might have fathered famous Americans for that generation.

The Tears in The USS Arizona:

Oil trickles within the buried battleship, even after 75 years and it seems to float on the surface of the water and then gradually floats away as if it is a spirit. Such oil manifestations are named “the tears in the Arizona” by the observers.

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial is a Must:

Get your loved ones to look for the USS Arizona Memorial during your vacation as it can be an awakening and their first-time realization for those Americans who sacrificed their lives to keep America a free nation.

The USS Missouri Memorial:

The USS Missouri battleship symbolically guards the Arizona Memorial. What is permanently docked in jewel just up-harbor within the Arizona Memorial is “Mighty Mo”. The Battleship Missouri fought and survived World War II and the deck of Missouri became the historic site in the official surrender of Japan in 1945. The very first casualty in the conflict was the dreadnought and the USS Missouri that played a part in ending World War II inside the Off-shore rests near the dreadnought. Two miles West in the Honolulu Worldwide Airport terminal is Pearl Harbor having the USS Arizona Memorial.