Battleships Of WWII At Pearl Harbor Tour Departing Waikiki Oahu Hotels

This powerful historic journey takes you back to the start and end of WWII with visits to two well-known Pearl Harbor Battleships: the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri Memorial.

En-route to battleships at Pearl Harbor, our knowledgeable guide will narrate the key incidents that started the initial morning aerial attack. When you reach Pearl Harbor you’ll start with the USS Arizona Memorial Experience. Know-how 1,177 seamen tragically died when the USS Arizona was attacked and sank within minutes of the attack.

Watch the 23-minute documentary that features original archival footage of the attack when the Japanese carried out a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  It was this attack that propelled the U.S. into World War II. The global conflict ended with the surrender of the Japanese on September 2, 1945.

Cross the Harbor to the Memorial on a Navy vessel and imagine what that morning was like for these sailors. You will feel awe and honor as you step aboard the USS Arizona Memorial.

Stand over the sunken battleship – the final resting place of these brave soldiers. Pay your regards to these heroes in the Shrine Room. Notice their names and ranks that are engraved there in marble.

Check the Harbor for oil drops, also known as “Black Tears of the Arizona”. They continue to rise to the surface from the hull even after nearly 80 years.

The next stop is the USS Missouri, famously known as “The Mighty Mo.” The Japanese formally surrendered on the deck on September 2, 1945, when the ship was in Tokyo Bay, Japan, thus ending WWII.

Marvel at the gigantic guns that can fire shells over 20 miles and know the story of the dent caused by a crashing Kamikaze pilot.

After visiting Pearl Harbor, the tour heads to Historic Downtown Honolulu. Know the mesmerizing stories about Hawaii’s royal family while exploring the ancient architectural landmarks linked with the islands’ time as a kingdom: Iolani Palace, Kawaiahao Church, King Kamehameha the Great Statue, and Aliiolani Hale.

Live an unforgettable moment as you visit the Battleships of World War II at Pearl Harbor. Book your tour today to make such experiences a part of your Oahu vacation.