How to Plan Your Trip to The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

After being closed to visitors over a year, the USS Arizona Memorial finally reopened for walk-on access this on Sep. 1, 2019. The memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu Hawaii stands like a lasting proof of individuals who sacrificed their lives on that fateful day of December seventh in 1942. Book USS Arizona Memorial tour now!

The precise site in which the remains from the USS Arizona lie is the memorial site itself. The memorial is located in the harbor and floats over the sunken vessel but does not touch it directly. You cannot reach the memorial unless you have a Navy boat in the USS Arizona memorial center and it can give you numerous chances to look at the harbor.

Memorial Commission was founded in 1949 and the origin of the USS Arizona memorial center is based on it.  They launched a lasting memorial in Hawaii to remember all individuals who died in the attack. There is a famous tradition in which the flag is raised and lowered on the primary mast of the sunken ship. Admiral Arthur Radford, commander of the Pacific Fleet in 1950 started this tradition.

Maui Luau

The current floating memorial site was built in 1958 and formally dedicated in 1962 in a small ceremony. An Austrian architect from Honolulu created its primary feature is it peaks in the extremities and sags in the center. The height of Yankee national pride at the onset of World War II, losing spirits after an attack and also the victorious rise from the war superpower is what it represents. The more potent indication is the existence of the encompassing USS Missouri memorial to celebrate the victory from the war.

The memorial consists of three chambers, the doorway, the setup room, and the final room. There is an opening within the memorial’s floor through which people can throw flowers in dedication.

To be able to connect to the memorial, you have to start from the visitor’s center which is operated by the nation’s parks service.  There is a museum that details the attack and displays numerous relics on that day. There is a strict restriction of four and 500 tickets each day. So you have to reach early to get a ticket. Skip the lines and book Pearl Harbor tours and tickets in advance now.

There is an optional 1-hour audio tour available in the visitor’s center if you’re thinking about the historic facets of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and the Missouri memorial are usually accessed by bus to Ford Island. You can very well progress with the story of America’s participation in the World War II.