Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum Tour and Tickets

Pearl Harbor aviation museum displays famous warbirds of the Pacific. Before leaving Pearl Harbor, visit the hangars of the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum for a unique look at the aviation history of the United States.  With 48 aircraft on display, including the instantly recognizable Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and its nemesis, the Mitsubishi Zero, the 1942 Stearman Biplane flown by President George H.W. Bush and the remnants of the Ni‘ihau Zero,” which crash landed on Ni‘ihau Island after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Through its preservation and restoration of World War II fighter planes and accompanying artifacts in the Museum’s historic hangars, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor shares the story of the vital role aviation played in the winning of World War II, and its continuing role in maintaining America’s freedom. Visitors to the museum can see remnants from that day of infamy, including the 158-foot tall, red and white iconic Ford Island Control Tower, Hangars 37 and 79, and bullet holes in Hangar 79.

Continue your tour to Ford Island and climb on board the USS Missouri battleship, or “Mighty Mo.” Explore beneath the deck to see what it took for this grand ship to operate her massive gun turrets, and imagine the moment when the Japanese signed the surrender documents ending the war.

The second theater will decrease the time visitors have to wait to sail out to the memorial, which has been built atop the sunken USS Arizona. For the first time, the Museum’s international travel program is offering a unique Pearl Harbor tour featuring noted historians and the opportunity to travel with Pearl Harbor veterans to the sites where their lives became a major part of the nation’s history. The National World War II Museum offer exhibits fascinating and moving displays that include carbon copies of the radio transmissions that delivered the news that America was under attack, oral history listening stations where ordinary men and women tell their individual stories, and a small portion of the USS Arizona where 1,177 crewmembers lost their lives.