An Essential Guide For Tourists Visiting Pearl Harbor

The most important landmark in the United States is the Pearl Harbor memorial. The Japanese launched an unexpected attack on America on December 7, 1941. The US joined World War II after this attack on Pearl Harbor. To visit the remains of the war, millions of people worldwide visit Pearl Harbor even today.

You will relive the language and spirits from the historic day when you take the Pearl Harbor tours in Oahu. If you are going to visit the area, this will guide you to what you could see in Pearl Harbor.

USS Arizona Memorial Museum

This is an open-air museum which was made to recognize and honor the soldiers who gave their lives when the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor. The museum tells the brief history before the attack and narrates the ordeal of the destruction. Personal archives, collectibles, pictures, artifacts are some of the things that the area houses from the event that happened in 1941.

The Japanese torpedo, warplanes and the Japanese carrier that launched the attack is IMS Akagi is also present in the museum. There are gigantic pictures that show the fireplace that burned for various days at Pearl Harbor. A documentary film of 23 minutes is also shown as the visitors take a 3-hour tour around the museum.

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum

Launched in 1942, Bowfin was operated by eighty men as it sank greater than 40 ships in World War II. The crew members resided, rested and fought in this submarine and you can have a tour of its quarters to get a glimpse of their lives in it. Just near the USS Arizona Memorial Customer Center, on the shores of Pearl Harbor is the 10,000 square-feet museum that you can visit. Several types of submarines, a Poseidon C-3 missile, other weapon systems used in the submarines and other artifacts are present in the museum. One person out of the 80 crew members died and his Crimson Heart is displayed in the museum. You can also watch movies about submarines online in a 40 seat theater that is present there.

USS Missouri Memorial

The ship that transported out bombing raids over Tokyo, Japan is the USS Missouri. Because of its huge firepower, it seemed to have been used in the battles of Okinawa and Iwo Jima. General Douglas A. MacArthur presided when the Japanese surrendered to the Allied forces in 1945 and this happened around the deck of Missouri. This ship was also used in the Korean War and in Operation Desert Storm after it was reconditioned and upgraded. You can have a tour of this ship as the military men share the incidents of how the USS Missouri contributed to the momentous surrender from the Japanese.

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is located in Hanger 37 around Ford Island. It is said that this hanger survived the Japanese attack around Pearl Harbor. In addition to Pearl Harbor, explore lower to find a big colorful aerial photography from the Ford Island as soon as you enter the museum. A 200 seat theater is there in which you can watch documentaries that portray the surprise attack of the Japanese.

The airplanes that were used back then are suspended in the ceiling and you can get a peek at them as you walk across the place. A civilian plane shot by the Japanese aircraft and the Japanese Zero which crash arrived within the Niihau Island is also displayed. You can even have a chance to fly and shoot lower enemy planes as a six flight simulator is also present in the museum.

This historic place is located in Oahu Island. Get a flight to Hawaii and as soon as you land in the Honolulu Airport terminal, you are welcome to visit Pearl Harbor.