Best Time to Visit Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Summer is the best time to visit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It is true that summer is a busy season in Hawaii but it is equally true that the weather is pleasant in summer and kids also have their summer breaks. During the summer, people from all over the world visit Hawaii to spend their vacations. Lots of activities and festivals also happen in the summer months.

Pearl Harbor gets busier as the day goes on but if you reach there early you can spend time at your favorite destinations before it gets too crowded there. To avoid overcrowding, The National Park Service only gives out 1,300 tickets each day. If you reach early, you will get your tickets early. But if you book a tour with us, we can arrange tickets for you in advance.

If you plan to enjoy the sun and surf around Honolulu, there is no better time for it than summer. You might feel it warmer than most of the U.S. cities, but it is quite chilly when you consider swimming at such temperature.

Hawaii has a cold temperature in winter. It doesn’t mean that visiting the place in winter is not good. It is perfect for you if you are not on the beach or water sports. Most places around Hawaii are less crowded, and you can go for long bike rides and hikes. It is the time when most children will be in school, which is why there are more school tours at Pearl Harbor itself.

There is another possibility of Pearl Harbor being crowded on the weekends as opposed to weekdays. It is true but it won’t be an issue if manage your timing well. You won’t face much trouble if you get there early.

Booking Tickets

You have various options when you plan to visit Pearl Harbor in Oahu. Your one option is to plan to get there early, on your own, and get your tickets at the gate. Another option is you can book a tour and have your transportation and tickets taken care of in advance.

Both options are feasible. Get there early and get your tickets at the gate that day, if you take the former option. The number of tickets distributed each day are limited and those tickets go quickly during the busy tourist seasons. Tickets become available at 7:00 a.m., and there is already be a line even at that time.

You can visit Pearl Harbor Hawaii at any time of the year.  We will suggest you book a tour of Pearl Harbor in advance and you will have a smoother day. Most tours include hotel pick-up in the price, which is a relief whether you’re staying in a nearby hotel or on a different island. You will save yourself from standing in a queue and wasting time and use that time to explore the captivating exhibits. All admission fees are included with a tour.