Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation & Polynesian Cultural Center Tour Departing Waikiki Hotels

This tour takes you to three of Oahu’s most famous destinations including Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, and Polynesian Cultural Center. Your tour will start at historic Pearl Harbor where the scenes of the traumatic events that propelled the U.S. into World War II will come to life. You will have an emotional experience at the USS Arizona Memorial as you know how 1,177 seamen lost their lives as their battleship sunk during December 7, 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You can watch a 23-minute documentary about the attack and then in a Navy vessel cross the Harbor to the Memorial.

Visit the Shrine Room at the Memorial to pay your regards to the soldiers whose names are engraved in marble. As you look into the water, you will see the oil droplets known as “The Black Tears of the Arizona”. Those droplets continue to escape the sunken battleship and rise to the surface of the Harbor. At Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, you will get a chance to visit the WWII museum exhibits and the bookshop.

The next stop is Dole Plantation that is devoted to Hawaii’s pineapple growing history. You can get souvenirs at the Plantation Store and get to taste a delicious frozen Dole Whip treat. On the way to Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore, you can view the Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. The best surfers of the world test their skills in these beaches at championship tournaments in November and December.

You will witness a world that celebrates the music, dance, and way of life on six Pacific Island nations: Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and New Zealand as you arrive at Polynesian Cultural Center. Discover a different spectrum of Polynesian traditions as you visit authentic villages for each nation. You get to meet Pacific islanders from across the globe, listen to their stories and songs, and watch their fantastic dances. A canoe ride from village to village is exhilarating. Get a chance to learn Tahitian spear throwing and Samoan cooking. You just have to relax as you view the colorful Polynesian Canoe Pageant. A tasty barbecue lunch will also be served.

Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, and Polynesian Cultural Center are the top three tourist destinations of Oahu. Take this tour and you can visit all three in one day! Our knowledgeable and friendly guide are available for your assistance. We provide you a luxury van to make sure you have a comfortable experience.