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Your trip to Hawaii is incomplete without visiting the Pearl Harbor. However, it is highly advisable to know about certain things before going to the Pearl Harbor and other historic sites in the vicinity. Besides some basic questions like where is Pearl Harbor located, what island is Pearl Harbor on, what is the Pearl Harbor dress […]

Pearl Harbor is the historical place that should be on the top priority of every traveler who is visiting Hawaii. It is the place where on December 7, 1941, climactic and tragic events unfolded when Japanese forces launched a surprise attack, thus bringing U.S. in the WWII. Visiting Pearl Harbor is a unique opportunity to […]

Every year about 1.6 million tourists visit Pearl Harbor’s unique collection of war memorials and museums, all clustered around a quiet bay where oysters were once farmed. We offer Pearl Harbor tours from all the four Hawaiian Islands. Early on December 7, 1941, citizens and service members alike in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, faced terror as […]

Hawaii is often associated with the tropical sun, beautiful beaches and food but your visit to this paradise will be incomplete until you visit the Pearl Harbor. A place where the echoes of history can still be felt, the sunken ships can still be seen and decommissioned battleships can be strolled upon. Book Your Pearl […]