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Pearl Harbor has a special place in everyone’s heart because of the significant events that took place here in the past. We have read about it in innumerable history books, seen various movies, traveled the memorials and also heard the stories from those many Pearl Harbor heroes. However, there are still so many facts about […]

Make your trip from Kauai to Pearl Harbor the most memorable by choosing one of the many tours available. By selecting the right tour company, you can enjoy a comprehensive travel package which includes sightseeing, adventures, round-trip airfare, admissions to the most famous tourist places and much more. If you are staying in Kauai, the […]

Everyone knows about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  But did you know that there was another explosive disaster in the harbor that involved the destruction of many naval vessels, but did not involve an enemy attack? Visit Pearl Harbor today and explore what it faced during World War II era. […]