The Benefits of Helicopter Tours in Maui

Helicopter Tours in Maui

Hawaii may be a relatively small state – the eighth smallest in the USA by land area – but there’s so much to see and do here that experiencing all the highlights on a holiday can be next to impossible. However, thanks to helicopter tours in Maui and Oahu, you can easily catch a glimpse of all Hawaii’s most famous attractions during your visit, including natural phenomena like Diamond Head and the Sacred Falls as well as historic sites like Pearl Harbor and the Dole Plantation.

Depending on which tour you choose, you’ll see more than just the most important places in Oahu – you’ll also soar over the volcanoes of Big Island, witness some of Hawaii’s most pristine beaches, and enjoy views extending for miles to the horizon. Moreover, the benefits of helicopter tours in Maui extend way beyond just seeing Hawaii’s best-known landmarks from the sky.

At Pearl Harbor Tours Oahu, we connect holidaymakers from across the globe to some of the most fascinating places in Oahu and Maui through tours that capture the place’s history, culture, and unique atmosphere. Below, we look at some of the benefits of our helicopter tours from Maui. If you have any queries at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why Embark on Helicopter Tours in Maui?

Are you worried that you’ll miss out on some of Hawaii’s top attractions during your visit? There’s no need to miss a thing thanks to our helicopter tours, which offer the following perks:

1. An in-depth introduction to Hawaii

Helicopter ride over Hawaii

If you want to get a quick look at all Hawaii’s most famous sites, there’s no better way to explore than by flying in a helicopter. Within the space of a day or even just a few hours, you can take in views of Oahu’s landmarks, Maui’s beaches, Big Island’s volcanoes, and much more. There really is no easier way to get to know Hawaii, especially when you’ll have an experienced guide telling you fascinating stories and anecdotes.

2. Bird’s-eye views of iconic attractions

Many visitors agree that the best views of Hawaii are seen from the sky. For example, while hiking the Diamond Head volcanic tuff is an awesome experience, no vantage point on any of its hiking trails offer views that are as encompassing as those provided by a helicopter.

3. Experience natural phenomena without the hard work

Are you worried that you might not currently be in good enough shape to hike challenging trails with steep inclines? No problem! Thanks to helicopter tours from Maui, you can give your legs a rest while taking in sprawling, eagle-eye views of Hawaii’s top attractions.

4. Extras included with your tour package

Maui Helicopter tours

In addition to a flight above Hawaii, our helicopter tours include the likes of lunch, stops at places like Hilo Town and the Kilauea Visitors Center, visits to beaches, and much more.

Learn More about Helicopter Tours in Maui

Embark on a helicopter ride above Hawaii, and you’ll be treated to incredible bird’s-eye views, visits to amazing destinations, live commentary, lunch, and much more. If you have limited time to explore Hawaii, helicopter tours in Maui provide you with a spectacular way to get to know the place quickly. If you want to learn more about our tours, contact our friendly travel experts.