Pearl Harbor Hawaii Museum Tour Packages

Don’t Miss Out on the Complete Pearl Harbor Experience What makes Hawaii special? Why visit these isles? Culture, history, beauty. The Hawaiian Islands sing in a way that visitors do no quickly forget.

While there are many sites that deserve your attention, from ancient hotspots and geological marvels to modern attractions, Pearl Harbor stands as one of the most important. Few sites have mixed so many important elements for visitors: the natural beauty of the bay, real naval hardware that can be touched and climbed, deep history and artifacts, and a quiet memorial to lost souls. But visiting Pearl Harbor can be tricky, and doing so with Pearl Harbor Tours is the best solution available. Why?

First of all, convenience. Inter island tours from Kauai, Maui, and Big Island to Pearl Harbor are all available via private planes chartered by Pearl Harbor Tours. Van pickup and drop off from Waikiki Hotel is also available. Focus on the experience without the stress of renting or driving!

Touring with Pearl Harbor Tours guarantees visitors and guests access to some of the best attractions in the Harbor including the floating museums of the USS Bowfin submarine and the  ˜Might Moor USS Missouri Battleship where the treaty ending WWII was signed. The tour includes the admission price (over fifty-five dollars of value!) so that you can focus on the event, not your ticket stubs. Admission to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum with huge exhibits dedicated to the aircraft of WWII is also included, as is transportation to the quiet glass memorial over the USS Arizona.

But the true value of the tour comes in the guide. What do the memorials and locations mean if there is no one to tell you what happened, why it happened. Live historical narration from expert Pearl Harbor Tour guides solves this problem, revealing the true horror of that day and the heroics that resulted. The Pearl Harbor Memorial will take on new life as every point and marker becomes a story, preserved and recounted professionally and knowledgeably, and the same knowledge and lively narration will continue as you tour Honolulu and the local sights there.

Pearl Harbor Tours sell out quickly and there isn’t enough room for everyone. Don’t miss it. Take the time to visit the different tour options at our site and select the tour that best meets your needs. Customer assistance is standing by and will be glad to answer your questions and help you make your decision. Don’t miss the most dramatic and important historic sight on Oahu” book your seats with Pearl Harbor Tours today.