Pearl Harbor Tickets

Don’t worry about the tickets with Pearl Harbor Tours

Pearl Harbor isn’t a quick stop. The space is vast and beautiful, a natural wonder bustling with history and life. Dozens of exhibits and monuments make up the campus of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and giving each the attention it deserves is exhausting but satisfying. Fortunately, you don’t have to wander the campus alone.

Pearl Harbor Tours is offering several different options for visitors and guests to the Monument, each of which includes the admission price to the Pearl Harbor tickets you need to see the best exhibits. These include the USS Bowfin submarine, the USS Missouri Battleship, and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Climb aboard one of the most decorated hunters of the Pacific waters at the Bowfin, or tour the vast steel deck of the USS Missouri where the treaty that ended World War II was signed.

Don’t worry about ticket stubs, just focus on the experience and the history beneath your feet as a professional and historically immersed Pearl Harbor Tour guide shows you the way between exhibits and sights, pointing out the best and most important landmarks and answering questions as you may have them.

These tours are also perfect for visitors who don’t have their own transportation. Busses leave from Waikiki hotel and shorten your travel time between exhibits even as your guide provides insightful and entertaining commentary so that you don’t miss a thing and learn more than you might have expected on the way.

Personally, I also recommend the Complete Pearl Harbor experience. Visiting Hawaii, for so many visitors, is a once in a lifetime event. This tour is marvelous and offers more than just a tour of the major sights of Pearl Harbor. You will also receive tours of beautiful downtown Honolulu, the Punchbowl cemetery where many of the American soldiers from World War II are buried, the state capitol, and landmarks including the fantastic Iolani Palace, Kawaiahao Church, and the Kamehameha the Great Statue.

No other tour is so complete, so informative, or so cost-effective. Unfortunately, plenty of others agree and these seats do sell out. Make sure that you don’t miss anything Hawaii has to offer and make the call or visit today to reserve the tour that is right for you. And feel free to visit the comments sections to see what others thought of the tour. They weren’t disappointed and you won’t be either!

Beautiful Hawaii is waiting. Aloha and welcome!