What You Can Do at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii This Summer

There is no bad time to go to Hawaii but there are two busy seasons: summer and winter in which you can plan a trip to Hawaiian Island of Oahu. If you plan to book a tour to one of the popular historical sites like Pearl Harbor National Memorial, then be prepared as it can get quite busy there. Book Pearl Harbor tours now & get 10% off in Summer Flash Sale with code SUMMER.

Beat The Crowds

Pearl Harbor has not seen “slow” days. But there are even bigger crowds to deal with during the summertime because kids are off from school and people from all parts of the world come to visit during their vacation time.

One of the wise things to do is to book your Pearl Harbor tour advance. You might get the best deal and it will save a lot of hassle. So, finalize the dates and book the tour. There is always limited space on these experiences and if you are participating in an organized tour, it will be most convenient to get into and around the Harbor.

One Big Reason To Book In Advance

There is a secret that lots of people are unaware of and that is: you cannot be sure about the tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program. You will get them for sure if you book a tour that includes them.

The National Park Service restricts the number of tickets given out for the timed program as there is a set number of guests that can be accommodated in the time the Memorial is open each day. Those tickets are usually taken by mid-morning during the summertime. People want to see everything at Pearl Harbor, therefore they rush to arrive at Pearl Harbor early in the morning so that they get plenty of time. That is why the limited number of tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program is exhausted quickly.

Now you get an edge when you book the tour in summer. You remove the uncertainty as soon as you book a Pearl Harbor tour. The USS Arizona Memorial program is a big part of the total experience and is crucial to understanding the incidents of December 7, 1941.

Book Your Summer Pearl Harbor Tour Early

Now, if you have decided to book your tour in summer, it means you will be traveling to Hawaii at the perfect time. But there are many people who are doing the same. We suggest you be a savvy traveler and book your summer Pearl Harbor tour early, and ASAP.

Organized tours offer extra perks in the summer including comfortable, air-conditioned transportation. You can explore the popular tourist attractions including Pearl Harbor Museums, the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri Battleship, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and more. If you are planning a summer vacation to Oahu then Pearl Harbor should be on your list of things to do. Select the day of your choice, reserve your tour, secure your tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial program so that all the uncertainty is out of the picture.